A P D A - Asian   People's   Disability   Alliance

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Social Prescription

Social Prescription is about your family doctor referring those patients with social, emotional and non-clinical needs for a range of non-medical services largely provided by voluntary and community organisations.

It is a new approach to offer non-medical support services and bring benefits in the following areas:

•  Mental health and wellbeing

•  In overcoming depression, social isolation, loneliness etc.

•  End of life support

•  Post bereavement support

•  Dementia support

•  People with long-term and enduring mental health needs

•  Improvements in social, cultural and environmental conditions

Our organisation, APDA provides a range of support services and provisions under social prescription including:

Day-care Services - We provide participative activities aimed at improving existing and developing new skills and promoting social development, these include the following:

•  Mental and physical development activities

•  Music and dance therapies

•  Dementia services

•  Horticulture/gardening

•  Yoga sessions

•  Exercises sessions

•  Oriental linguistic stimulation sessions

•  Cultural events

•  Outings to places of interest

•  Craft activities

•  Cultural Festivals and celebrations

• ICT skills

Home-Care - We provide support in your own home with the following;

•  Personal-care

•  Domiciliary services

Befriending Support Therapy Services - These are individually tailored care packages.

•  Our befriending support therapy service work to enhance the quality of a person's life by supporting and promoting his/her welfare, personal development and capacity for self-determination in a therapeutic manner. This is done by offering an excellent opportunity to form a trusting relationship, which may enable him/her to grow in self-confidence and to form and maintain relationship with others.


Volunteering Opportunities

•  We offer volunteering opportunities under social prescription in looking after elderly and disabled people.


You can speak to your family doctor for a Social Prescription or speak to a link worker from the social prescribing service, they will assist you to secure a placement with our culturally tailored specialised services either at our Day-care & Development centre or in the comfort of your own home. Services are also available during the weekends.


For further information please contact:

Deepa / Marufa

Phone: 0208 830 4220

Email: info@apda.org.uk