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APDA Publications
Meeting the Needs of Asian Disabled People

Click here to download Meeting the Needs of Asian Disabled People.
This booklet looks at ways of meeting the needs of Asian disabled people.

It highlights some of the difficulties many Asian disabled people experience in accessing mainstream services, and the problems they face when they do use these services as a result of poor responses to their specific cultural needs.

It tackles the issue of resources for minority ethnic disability organisations and outlines the work of Asian People's Disabilities Alliance, putting forward examples of good practice in working with the Asian disabled community.

Finally, the booklet addresses issues that social care agencies need to take into account when attempting to meet the needs of disabled minority ethnic people.


Empowerment for Life

Click here to download Empowerment for Life - Disabled Asians Claim Their Rights

This booklet focuses on some of the issues Asian disabled people encounter.

It contains a summary of the Disability Discrimination Act and the rights it gives to disabled peopled, as well as summary of the European Human Rights Act. It also describes barriers faced by Asian disabled people and how they can be overcome.

In addition, it tells the stories of Asian disabled people and their carers.

This booklet was produced in collaboration with the Association of Blind Asians and the Millennium disability Agency. 


Meeting the Needs of Asian Carers

Click here to download Meeting the Needs of Asian Carers.

This booklet explores the difficulties encountered by Asian carers and the disabled and elderly people they care for.

Because many disabled Asian people and their carers experience isolation, this booklet informs them of the services that are available. It also addresses the concerns of many individuals and organisations by asking some very direct and challenging questions about the difficulties encountered by Asian people.

It also provides a summary of how these difficulties can be surmounted and alleviated, with attention to the work of Asian People's Disabilities Alliance.

A Special Assembly

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